Drew Gregory is an Australian super realist / photo realist artist with over 40 years painting experience.  His work is represented worldwide and he is a winner of many prestigious national and local awards.  His exciting and innovative style has captured the public’s imagination.  Here is an artist at the peak of his powers with a deep understanding and love of his subject.


“Sit back and prepare to be astonished… Drew’s work simply stops people in their tracks”

Terri Todd, Editor / Executive Publisher, International Artist Magazine 1/8/98

Gregory’s work possesses a density and heft rare for the medium.  His craft and clear sightedness inspire”

-Alan Artner, Chicago Tribune 11/10/91

“Super realist Drew Gregory uses surrealism to carve up accepted realities”

-The Age Good Weekend Magazine 25/5/91


 “Gregory’s work is not sentimental, rather it is ‘tough’, dead-pan and full of post-Pop impressions”

-Michael Montague, The Melbourne Sun 15/7/82

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